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How unlikely is it that bet365 would reset(refund) my balance to have never to have played and give me a permanent ban?

So, I guess this is some dumb sob story, but I just wanted to at least see what people think.
I'll just start off with the numbers. Three months ago, I had gone from $1.5k to $12k in 3 weeks of betting on live esports through bet365. At that point, I decided that I shouldn't bet anymore and to use this money to turn my life around and withdrew the $12k. But, a few days later I started again, but this time on nitrogen. I saw an article saying that bitcoin would hit $200k by 2020, and it made me believe that bitcoin was surely going to be big in the future. So I had the idea that if I bet with bitcoin instead, my profits would multiply over time(if I actually won, that is). I ended up betting with both bet365 and nitrogen, depending on which had better odds. At one point I remember I had $22k in bitcoin and real money, This was definitely on April 19th, before the Raptors vs Wizards game that lost me $8k. I slowly started to lose it all. I'd bet with desperation, trying to win it all back. I'd bet on baseball, basketball, CS:GO, League of legends, Hockey World championships, and whatever I thought was good on the POTD threads.
Fast forward to present time, I am 5.5k in CC debt. I'm unemployed and I don't know how to get out of this mess. My monthly payments are $250. I have no employable skills and I honestly think I'm limited to stocking shelves/warehouse work unless I become neurotypical. Three months ago I was full of hope and felt like I was going to change my life. I was going to really start working with my psychiatrist to get my mind in the right place. I was thinking of things like going to school, traveling, reconnecting with old friends, dating, just all the things that I've always wanted to do, but the depression/anxiety I've dealt with my entire life has made it impossible. When I wasn't sports betting, I would do anything that could help me recover. Exercising, eating healthy foods, going for walks, reading books/articles/reddit on mental health, and researching different supplements/medications.
My lifestyle has changed dramatically since then to gaming, porn addiction, staying inside all day, and neglecting my diet, exercise, and sleep. One reason being is that the debt has taken a pretty big toll on my mind and I just feel hopeless about the future. Another being that my psychiatrist told me it's impossible for me to become neurotypical which just made me think, "I might as well give up then." Also, my mom emotionally abuses me whenever she gets the chance to and I pretty much have to deal with it since she pays all the bills. I do try my best to avoid her, but it still gets to me and stresses me out.
I guess this is all I can think of writing for now, my main question is really in the title. Thanks for reading.
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Bet365 Deposit and withdraw through local bank account in hindi.

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