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Bitcoin MMT (Magic Monetary Theory)

What if Bitcoin is nature's way of preserving itself?
Considering everything the ecosystem is going through presently, it seems plausible that what may seem like merely a new computer technology is actually much more in a wider view.
Stepping back, one may notice that everything that is happening in this moment is on purpose. There is no such thing as coincidence. In the highly egocentric western world, many people see themselves as outside of nature instead of part of it. The reason for this is the abandonment of certain parts of ourselves and surroundings, more or less because of the cultural programming implemented in us from a young age.
Glance back to the first boom of usefulness for Bitcoin. It played a massive role in supporting black market activity, making it a valuable tool for transferring wealth and illegal goods in a nuanced and relatively safe manner.
Arguably, plant medicines that have been used by humankind for thousands of years to evolve consciousness now deemed illegal by mainstream culture are so rooted in the subconscious of our species that those very organisms used those willing to explore the forbidden mystery within them to eventually create Bitcoin and propagate for the benefit of all living systems.
When a psychedelic compound such a psilocybin present in magic mushrooms is comsumed, it's very apparent that it dissolves one’s sense of self in a way not fathomable in any other form that is legal besides maybe meditation with much practice. It breaks one down to one's most simple self, an observer of the universe unfolding, leaving one scraping away for any bit of sanity that culture has peddled if the ego fights the experience in any way, lost in a loop of hellish abyss.
Once the realization is had that all one can do is let the experience happen as there is no use fighting what the substance is trying to reveal is submitted to, it is as though a huge weight is lifted, catapulting consciousness into a wild, ego shattering understanding of unconditional love and interconnection. Having such an experience surely causes any “rational” being to question the nature of reality with a more scrupulous eye.
In an age where it is becoming more apparent by the day that the current power structure is not only not serving the majority of people, but ultimately destroying one’s physical/mental/emotional/spiritual health, it is a dire time that people need to come together, back to a sense of balance.
As many know, the disparity of wealth in the world is wider than ever before. This is not by accident. The parasites at the top thrive on fear and greed to cultivate and maintain their power over the masses. Many tactics, including banning psychedelic organisms to keep people disconnected and unhappy with whom they truly are so to disempower, continues the endless cycle of chasing false hopes in order to do their bidding.
Fractional reserve banking, responsible namely for the US dollar is arguably the sole reason all of this is possible, as every person on the planet must spend the majority of their life finding ways to collect pieces of paper in hopes of survival.
That does not mean there is anything inherently wrong with money. In fact, it is a rather useful invention. The problem is most people hardly understand anything about fiat currency, yet slave away for it every day for the majority of their healthy life.
This is why Bitcoin was birthed. Its purpose is to expose the rampant fraud we're all subject to. Debt based money solely derives its value on faith, where which that earned today is worth less tomorrow, selling future generations prosperity away now.
Many people don't yet view Bitcoin as a reliable store of value, but can one imagine where it would be today if regulators didn't have the authority to step in and put restrictions on its usage? Namely, KYC & AML laws that bar people from buying/selling without a bank license and require exchanges to demand the identity of every user with multiple forms of government identification. So too with capital gains tax. These regulations solely function to slow the inevitable growth of this unstoppable technology. At its grassroots, none of that ever being needed for Bitcoin to function is how it was brought into mainstream view following eventual restrictions.
Arguably, if those laws weren’t placed upon Bitcoin, there would already be an even more thriving new economy backed by it firmly in place. Instead, it's being stunted by the currently insolvent and collapsing system that is built on the premise of "too big to fail" corporations that pillage the world's labor and resources so a few can live absurdly lavish lives.
Fact is, it is one’s birthright to freely exchange ideas and goods with anyone else voluntarily. When denied of such interactions, our very nature to be liberated is denied,which creates inevitable resistance and strife.
Looking at what many see as the solution to this corruption that causes such wealth disparity – the undeniable craving for unity and respect for the planet seen widely in the democratic-socialist movement in America calling for redistribution of wealth and addressing rampant pollution of the earth is partially misled in the sense it calls for more government intervention that relies on stealing from people. That is what allowed this mess to happen to begin with. America is already socialist for the “too big to fail” class in the form of endless money printing, claiming it is a capitalist nation where the rest of the people are deemed too small to survive, scrambling for the scraps that are supposed to trickle down though a rigged economy. What society actually needs is to go back basics with fulfilling simple living backed by sound money that can’t be manipulated by an either ignorant or conspiring ruling class.
As the Bitcoin motto goes, "don't trust, verify". As long as the system is propped up by infinitely printable money, it can be used to corrupt those put in power, continuing a war on the people around the world.
Everything that is going on right now is supposed to happen. For the exact same reason Bitcoin is trustworthy because it is mathematical, so too is the universe. Nature constantly breaks down to build itself back up, over and over again. In this time of uncertainty, on the cusp of watching society as we know it crumble, a new paradigm is unfolding.
It is no coincidence this is all happening as Bitcoin has more people interested in it than ever before. This is the beginning of a potentially very prosperous age, unfathomable to most in the current moment.
People are not meant to be domesticated, controlled by others granted higher status. We are all the same at the end of the day. Psychedelic experiences can reveal this truth of oneness; a push against mindlessly obeying authority that further attempts to rob critical thinking to create better life for all.
Just as mushroom mycelium works as a network to break down old organic material to feed the forest and all who inhabit it, the internet and Bitcoin network work to break down centralized control of information and money that no longer serve the ecosystem.
All in all, Bitcoin is a peaceful protest against the current system that is much needed. So too are consciousness shifting psychoactive plants that originally propagated the technology, as though to say to those that unjustly assert authority, “you fucked with the wrong organism. May the love be spread all around”!
Thanks for reading! One love.
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Which type of curren(t) do you want to see(cy)? An analysis of the intention behind bitcoin(s). Part 3

Part 1
Part 2
So I have been subbed to /bitcoin since it had less than two thousand subs but haven't posted there in years. I think I took a break from researching bitcoin to take a foray into the world of conspiracy around 2014 and only got back in to it around the beginning of 2017 but with a bit of sense of skepticism and cynicism about everything. I think I returned to /bitcoin around that time but there had been a rift that had emerged in the community between those that said that bitcoin was censoring any discussion around big blocks but then also just censorship in general. This lead to the formation of /btc which became the main spot for big blockers to gather to talk about protocol development. Following the fork of Bitcoin Cash and SegWit (BTC) in August 2017 the camps were further divided when the fence sitters were denied their SegWit2x compromise. Many from the fence sitters then deferred back to the incumbent bitcoin as citing muh network effect, liquidity, and hashpower while some who felt betrayed by the failure of getting S2X through went to support BCH for some attempt at on chain scaling rather than through pegged side chains or Lightning Network.
Bitcoin cash initially went with a modest doubling of the blocksize to 2MB but implemented some other features like a new more rapidly adjusting difficulty algorithm to protect themselves against hashpower fluctuations from the majority chain. In about July of that year I had seen what I potentially thought was someone LARPing on /biz/ but screencapped, that segwit2x which was scheduled for november 2017 would be called off and then hashpower would switch to BCH causing congestion and chain death spiral on BTC and BCH would pump massively. I was partial to the idea as the game theory and incentives on a big block bitcoin should attract miners. About a month after SegWit2x was indeed called off while the BTC blockchain was hugely congested, BCH went through a violent pump reaching 0.5 BTC/BCH on a European exchange called Kraken while it also pumped ridiculously on American exchange coinbase. Shortly afterwards the market took a giant dump all over those people who bought the top and it has since retraced to roughly 30:1 or so now.
After that pump though BCH kind of gained some bagholders I guess who started to learn the talking points presented by personalities like Roger Ver, Jihan Wu, Peter Rizun and Amaury Sechet. Craig S Wright by this time had been outed as Satoshi but had in 2016 publicly failed to convince the public with the cryptographic proof he provided. To which he later published the article I don't have the courage to prove I am the bitcoin creator. In essence this allowed many to disregard anything he offered to the crypto community though his company nChain was very much interested in providing the technical support to scale what he saw as the true implementation of bitcoin. Following debate around a set of planned protocol upgrades between a bitcoin node implementation by his company nChain and the developers of another client Bitcoin ABC (adjustable block cap), the two parties both dug their heels in and wouldn't compromise.
As it became clear that a fork was imminent there was a lot of vitriol tossed out towards Wright, another big billionaire backer Calvin Ayre and other personalities like Roger Ver and Jihan Wu. Craig's credibility was disregarded because of his failure to provide convincing cryptographic proof but still people who wanted to pursue the protocol upgrades that nChain were planning (as it best followed their interpretation of the bitcoin white paper) pursued his variant, while others who followed the socia consensus deferred to the positions of their personalities like Wu, Ver, and Sechet but even developers from Ethereum and other protocols chimed in to convince everyone that CSW is a fraud. This was referred to as the hash war and was the first time that the bitcoin protocol had been contentiously hard forked.

Hashpower is the CPU cycles you can commit to the Proof of Work function in bitcoin and the majority will generate the longest chain as they have the most proof of work. To win the contentious hard fork legitimately and make sure your chain will always be safe going forward you need to maintain your version of the blockchain with 51% of the hashpower on the network and force the other parties to continue to spend money on building a blockchain that is never going to be inserted in to the majority chain. As well as this you need to convince exchanges that you have the majority chain and have them feel safe to accept deposits and withdrawals so that they don't lose money in the chaos. This is how it would play out if both parties acted according to the rules of bitcoin and the Nakamoto Consensus.

There was a lot of shit talking between the two parties on social media with Craig Wright making a number of claims such as "you split, we bankrupt you" "I don't care if there is no ability to move coins to an exchange for a year" and other such warnings not to engage in foul play.. To explain this aftermath is quite tedious so It might be better to defer to this video for the in depth analysis but basically Roger Ver had to rent hashpower that was supposed to be mining BTC from his mining farm, Jihan Wu did the same from his Bitmain Mining Farm which was a violation of his fiduciary duty as the CEO of a company preparing for an IPO. In this video of a livestream during the hashwar where Andreas Brekken admits to basically colluding with exchange owners like Coinbase, Kraken (exchange Roger Ver invested in), Bitfinex and others to release a patched ABC client to the exchanges and introducing "checkpoints" in to the BCH blockchain (which he even says is arguably "centralisation") in order to prevent deep reorgs of the BCH blockchain.
>"We knew we were going to win in 30 mins we had the victory because of these checkpoints that we released to a cartel of friendly businesses in a patch so then we just sat around drinking beers all day".
By releasing a patched client that has code in it to prevent deep reorgs by having the client refer to a checkpoint from a block mined by someone who supported BCHABC if another group of hash power was to try to insert a new chain history, this cartel of exchanges and mining farm operators conspired in private to change the nature of the bitcoin protocol and Nakamoto Consensus. Since the fork there have been a number of other BCH clients that have come up that require funding and have their own ideas about what things to implement on the BCH chain. What began to emerge was actually not necessarily an intention of scaling bitcoin but rather to implement Schnorr signatures to obfuscate transactions and to date the ABC client still has a default blocksize of 2MB but advertised as 16MB.
What this demonstrates for BCH is that through the collusion, the cartel can immediately get a favourable outcome from the developers to keep their businesses secure and from the personalities/developers to work on obfuscating records of transactions on the chain rather than scaling their protocol. After the SegWit fork, many from the BCH camp alleged that through the funding to Blockstream from AXA and groups that tied to the Bilderbergs, Blockstream would be beholden to the legacy banking and would be a spoke and hub centralised model, so naturally many of the "down with central banks anarcho capitalist types" had gathered in the BCH community. Through these sympathies it seems that people have been susceptible to being sold things like coin mixing and obfuscation with developers offering their opinions about how money needs to be anonymous to stop the evil government and central banks despite ideas like Mises’ Regression Theorem, which claims that in order for something to be money in the most proper sense, it must be traceable to an originally non-monetary barter commodity such as gold.
What this suggests is that there is an underlying intent from the people that have mechanisms to exert their will upon the protocol of bitcoin and that if obfuscation is their first priority rather than working on creating a scalable platform, this demonstrates that they don't wish to actually be global money but more so something that makes it easier to move money that you don't want seen. Roger Ver has often expressed sentiments of injustice about the treatment of Silk Road found Ross Ulbricht and donated a large amount of money to a fund for his defence. I initially got in to bitcoin seeking out the Silk Road and though I only wanted to test it to buy small quantities of mdma, lsd, and mescaline back in 2011 there was all sorts of criminal activity on there like scam manuals, counterfeits, ID, Credit Card info, and other darknet markets like armoury were selling pretty crazy weapons. It has been alleged by Craig Wright that in his capacity as a digital forensics expert he was involved with tracing bitcoin that was used to fund the trafficking of 12-16 year olds on the silk road. There have been attempts at debunking such claims by saying that silk road was moderated for such stuff by Ulbricht and others, but one only has to take a look in to the premise of pizza gate to understand that there it may be possible to hide in plain site with certain code words for utilising the market services and escrow of websites like the silk road. The recent pedo bust from South Korea demonstrates the importance of being able to track bitcoin transactions and if the first thing BCH wanted to do after separating itself from Satoshi's Vision and running on developer and cartel agendas was to implement obfuscation methods, this type of criminal activity will only proliferate.
Questions one must ask oneself then are things like why do they want this first? Are some of these developers, personalities and cartel businesses sitting on coins that they know are tarnished from the silk road and want to implement obfuscation practices so they can actually cash in some of the value they are unable to access? Merchants from the silk road 1 are still being caught even as recently as this year when they attempted to move coins that were known to have moved through the silk road. Chain analytics are only becoming more and more powerful and the records can never be changed under the original bitcoin protocol but with developer induced protocol changes like Schnorr signatures, and coinjoin it may be possible to start laundering these coins out in to circulation. I must admit with the cynicism I had towards government and law enforcement and my enjoying controlled substances occasionally I was sympathetic to Ross and donated to his legal fund back in the day and for many years claimed that I wouldn't pay my taxes when I wanted to cash out of bitcoin. I think many people in the space possess this same kind of mentality and subsequently can be preyed upon by people who wish to do much more in the obfuscation than dodge tax and party.
Another interesting observation is that despite the fact that btc spun off as a result of censorship around big block scaling on bitcoin, that subreddit itself has engaged in plenty of censorship for basically anyone who wants to discuss the ideas presented by Dr Craig Wright on that sub. When I posted my part 2 of this series in there a week ago I was immediately met with intense negativity and ad hominems so as to discourage others from reading the submission and my post history was immediately throttled to 1 comment every 10 mins. This is not quite as bad as cryptocurrency where my post made it through the new queue to gather some upvotes and a discussion started but I was immediately banned from that sub for 7 days for reason "Content standards - you're making accusations based on no evidence just a dump of links that do nothing to justify your claims except maybe trustnodes link (which has posted fabricated information about this subreddit mods) and a Reddit post. Keep the conspiracy theories in /conspiracy" My post was also kept at zero in bitcoin and conspiracy so technically btc was the least censored besides C_S_T.
In addition to the throttling I was also flagged by the u/BsvAlertBot which says whether or not a user has a questionable amount of activity in BSV subreddits and then a break down of your percentages. This was done in response to combat the "toxic trolls" of BSV but within bitcoincashSV there are many users that have migrated from what was originally supposed to be a uncensored subreddit to discuss bitcoin and many such as u/cryptacritic17 has have switched sides after having been made to essentially DOXX themselves in btc to prove that they aren't a toxic troll for raising criticisms of the way certain things are handled within that coin and development groups. Other prominent users such as u/jim-btc have been banned for impersonating another user which was in actual fact himself and he has uploaded evidence of him being in control of said account to the blockchain. Mod Log, Mod Damage Control, Mod Narrative BTFO. Interestingly in the comments on the picture uploaded to the blockchain you can see the spin to call him an SV shill when in actual fact he is just an OG bitcoiner that wanted bitcoin to scale as per the whitepaper.
What is essentially going on in the Bitcoin space is that there is a battle of the protocols and a battle for social consensus. The incumbent BTC has majority of the attention and awareness as it is being backed by legacy banking and finance with In-Q-Tel and AXA funding blockstream as well as Epstein associates and MIT, but in the power vaccum that presented itself as to who would steward the big block variant, a posse of cryptoanarchists have gained control of the social media forums and attempted to exert their will upon what should essentially be a Set In Stone Protocol to create something that facilitates their economic activity (such as selling explosives online)) while attempting to leverage their position as moderators who control the social forum to spin their actions as something different (note memorydealers is Roger Ver). For all his tears for the children killed in wars, it seems that what cryptoanarchists such as u/memorydealers want is to delist/shut down governments and they will go to any efforts such as censorship to make sure that it is their implementation of bitcoin that will do that. Are we really going to have a better world with people easier able to hide transactions/launder money?
Because of this power vacuum there also exists a number of different development groups but what is emerging now is that they are struggling for money to fund their development. The main engineering is done by self professed benevolent dictator Amaury Sechet (deadalnix) who in leaked telegram screen caps appears to be losing it as funding for development has dried up and money raised in an anarchist fashion wasn't compliant with laws around fundraising sources and FVNI (development society that manages BCH development and these donations) is run by known scammer David R Allen. David was founder of 2014 Israeli ICO Getgems (GEMZ) that scammed investors out of more than 2500 Bitcoins. The SV supported sky-lark who released this information has since deleted all their accounts but other users have claimed that sky-lark was sent personal details about themselves and pictures of their loved ones and subsequently deleted all their social media accounts afterwards.
There are other shifty behaviours like hiring Japanese influencers to shill their coin, recruiting a Hayden Otto that up until 2018 was shilling Pascal Coin to become a major ambassador for BCH in the Australian city of Townsville. Townsville was claimed to be BCH city hosting a BCH conference there and claiming loads of adoption, but at the conference itself their idea of demonstrating adoption was handing a Point of Sale device to the bar to accept bitcoin payments but Otto actually just putting his credit card behind the bar to settle and he would keep the BCH that everyone paid. In the lead up to the conference the second top moderator of btc was added to the moderators of townsville to shill their coin but has ended up with the townsville subreddit wanting to ban all bitcoin talk from the subreddit.
Many of the BCH developers are now infighting as funding dries up and they find themselves floundering with no vision of how to achieve scale or get actual real world adoption. Amaury has recently accused Peter Rizun of propagandising, told multiple users in the telegram to fuck off and from all accounts appears to be a malignant narcissist incapable of maintaining any kind of healthy relationship with people he is supposed to be working with. Peter Rizun has begun lurking in bitcoincashSV and recognising some of the ideas coming from BSV as having merit while Roger has started to distance himself from the creation of BCH. Interestingly at a point early in the BCH history Roger believed Dr Craig Wright was Satoshi, but once CSW wouldn't go along with their planned road map and revealed the fact he had patents on blockchain technology and wanted to go down a path that worked with Law, Roger retracted that statement and said he was tricked by Craig. He joined in on the faketoshi campaign and has been attempted to be sued by Dr Wright for libel in the UK to which Roger refused to engage citing grounds of jurisdiction. Ironically this avoidance of Roger to meet Dr Wright in court to defend his claims can be seen as the very argument against justice being served by private courts under an anarchocapitalist paradigm with essentially someone with resources simply being able to either flee a private court's jurisdiction or engage a team of lawyers that can bury any chances of an everyday person being able to get justice.
There is much more going on with the BCH drama that can be explained in a single post but it is clear that some of the major personalities in the project are very much interested in having their ideals projected on to the technical implementation of the bitcoin protocol and have no qualms spouting rhetoric around the anti-censorship qualities of bitcoin/BCH while at the same time employing significant censorship on their social media forums to control what people are exposed to and getting rid of anyone who challenges their vision. I posit that were this coin to become a success, these "benevolent dictators" as they put it would love their new found positions of wealth/dominance yet if their behaviour to get there is anything to go by, would demonstrate the same power tripping practices of censorship, weasel acts, misleading people about adoption statistics and curating of the narrative. When the hashrate from Rogers minging operation on BCH dropped dramatically and a lot of empty blocks were being mined, his employer and 2IC moderator u/BitcoinXio (who stepped in to replace roger as CEO) was in the sub informing everyone it was simply variance that was the reason when only a few days later it was revealed that they had reduced their hash power significantly. This is not appropriate behaviour for one of the primary enterprises engaged in stewarding BCH and encouraging adoption nor is the inability to be accountable for such dishonest practices as well. It seems treats btc as their own personal spam page where Roger can ask for donations despite it being against the sub rules and spin/ban any challenge to the narrative they seek to create.
Let's see how the censorship goes as I post this around a few of the same places as the last piece. Stay tuned for the next write up where I take a deep dive in to the coin that everyone doesn't want you to know about.
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.onion Sites To Visit To Kill Time

Waiting on your BTC to go through? Vendor taking their sweet time getting back to your PM?
Here's a list of working (as of 26/01/2014) .onion links you can visit while you wait. Most are not illegal, although none are CP.
A 4chan type site for TOR
An interactive storyboard site, requires javascript
Not quite sure, but many creepypasta pictures, although none appear to be CP or Snuff.
Death prediction lottery.....what more should I say?
Another 4chan for TOR
Organization for fighting censorship
Find what you look like to .onion sites
Forums & firearm store. Not related to the Silk Road Armory.
URL Shortener for TOR
Wikipedia for TOR
TOR Based Search Engine
Send an receive messages from TOR on any SMS device
Documents and more documents
Forums for odd and wonderful
Well, you should know what this is.
Hosting for TOR
More hosting for TOR
Image Uploader
Image Uploader
Image Uploader
Image Uploader
Image Uploader
Image Uploader
File Upload
File Upload
File Upload
Forum/Bitcoin Site
TOR Sharing Service for Files
Links in the TOR world
Another Search Engine
Clearnet Private Search Engine Mirror
News that concerns TOR users
Image Upladoer
Passwords For Sale, mostly Email accounts
TOR Bitcoin Wallet.
TOR Github
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What the NSA really thinks of Tor

This NSA Top Secret document includes an official declaration by the NSA about whether Tor protects Tor users and keeps Tor users anonymous. A URL at the bottom of this post leads to a true copy in the Guardian of the NSA document, which is from the Snowden archives.
Excerpt of text in NSA document, pages 1 and 2:
JUN 2012
Declassify On: 20370101
Tor Stinks...(u)
We will never be able to de-anonymize all Tor users all the time. With manual analysis we can de-anonymize a very small fraction of Tor users, however, no success de-anonymizing a user in response to a TOPI request/on demand.
On 4 Nov 2013, a Guardian article included a report on the increasing use of Tor after NSA whistle blower Edward Snowden revealed NSA Top Secret documents in June 2013: "What is Tor? A beginner's guide to the privacy tool"
According to the Tor Project's own figures, between 19 August and 27 August alone, which was about 2 months after Snowden's revelations, the number of people using Tor more than doubled to 2.25 million before peaking at nearly 6 million in mid-September. It has since slipped back to just over 4 million.
Since June 2013, how many people have learned for the first time about Tor and Tails, especially since the acclaimed documentary film Citizenfour received an Academy Award on 22 February 2015. At the end of the film, which stars Edward Snowden and others, the film credits acknowledge that Tor and Tails played a role in making the film possible.
How many people use Tor today. 4 million? 10 million? 50 million? 100 million? More? Less? Who knows? Whatever the number, the NSA does not like the fact that people outside of the intelligence community use Tor in the United States and other countries around the world.
On March 12, 2013, the United States Congress Senate Select Committee on Intelligence convened a public hearing. Cable television covered the live hearing. Senator Ron Wyden was present at the hearing as a member of the committee, which had summoned United States Director of National Intelligence James Clapper to answer questions and give official testimony before Congress about whether the United States government was spying on millions of people in the United States. Senator Wyden asked Director Clapper the following question: "Does the NSA collect any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans?" Clapper lied and said “No...”
This lie by one of the top ranking officials in the United States intelligence community begs the following questions:
Would the NSA disseminate misleading or false information on the Internet to discourage the public from using Tor? Would the NSA disseminate misleading or false information that states the public should not use Tor because it is dangerous to use Tor, and Tor is not effective? Would someone working for the NSA post misleading or false information about Tor and Tails on the Reddit web site or other sites to discourage the public from using Tor?
On Oct 2, 2013, the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation made the high-profile arrest of Ross William Ulbricht, who was the founder and operator of the Silk Road web site. That same month, the Federal Bureau of Investigation shut down the web site. About 2 years 8 months before Ulbricht's arrest, Ulbricht launched the Silk Road site in February 2011. The Silk Road site was a criminal enterprise where many types of illegal drugs, many other illegal items, and many illegal services were available for purchase.
Ulbricht was a Tor user, and his Silk Road web site was a Tor Hidden Service, which means that the web site was available only on the Tor Network. The Silk Road site was not in any Internet search engine index. Ulbricht used Tor to engage in most or all of his illegal transactions, and his Silk Road site used Tor for all transactions.
In the summer of 2013, the Silk Road web site had 957,000 registered user accounts. During the period that the Silk Road was online, the total value of the purchases on the site amounted to USD $1.2 billion. Ulbricht's commissions on those transactions amounted to USD $80 million. All transactions were in Bitcoin.
The pursuit, tracking, and identification of Ulbricht involved the United States Federal Bureau of Investigation, the United States Drug Enforcement Administration, the United States Internal Revenue Service, and the United States Homeland Security Investigations agency. Those government departments and agencies might have expended up to tens or hundreds of millions of dollars and tens of thousands of man hours or more to track and eventually identify Ulbricht and his location. The successful tracking, identification, and location of Ulbricht by the United States government was not due to any technical or system vulnerabilities in Tor.
After expending immense resources and capital over an extended period, the United States government eventually was able to identify Ulbricht's real name and location because Ulbricht foolishly posted his email address: rossulbricht[at] and the name Silk Road in a public forum where the whole world, including the FBI, could read Ulbricht's Gmail address next to the Silk Road name.
The FBI went to Google, and Google gave information from Ulbricht's Gmail account and information from his Google+ account to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. That account information included Ulbricht's home address. No weakness in Tor brought down Ross William Ulbricht. He brought himself down by revealing his real identity on a popular web site forum.
During Ulbricht's trial in a Manhattan, New York federal court, prosecutors alleged that Ulbricht paid $730,000 to other people to have them murder six people. No one actually murdered any of Ulbricht's intended victims. Ultimately, the government did not prosecute Ulbricht for any of the alleged murders. Some of the information that the government investigation uncovered showed that Ulbricht paid one person USD $150,000 to kill a person who was attempting to blackmail Ulbricht. The blackmailer told Ulbricht that he would reveal online the names and addresses of thousands of Silk Road's biggest customers and vendors unless Ulbricht paid him USD $500,000. The government found no evidence that Ulbricht's hired killer actually killed anyone. On the surface, it appears that the blackmailer and the hired-killer might be the same person, and the person scammed Ulbricht out of USD $150,000.
On May 29, 2015, a federal court in Manhattan, New York, handed Ulbricht five sentences, including two sentences for life imprisonment without the possibility of parole. The court also ordered that Ulbricht forfeit USD $183,000,000. Ulbricht is now serving his sentences. As of June 2015, Ulbricht is under incarceration at Metropolitan Detention Center, Brooklyn, New York.
The point of this post is not to celebrate Ulbricht or his criminal activities. The point is to illustrate that although the United States government expended huge amounts of resources and capital to track and eventually identify Ulbricht and his location, his capture had nothing to do with any weakness in Tor.
If a Tor or Tails user, such as a political dissident living under an oppressive regime, a government whistle blower, or any law abiding person, knows how to use Tor and Tails correctly and avoids making mistakes that reveal his or her name and location, that person and his or her location are likely to remain anonymous and unknown to any cyber spies, web information brokers, or cyber trackers.
Maybe all Internet users who value their right to privacy, right to anonymity, and right to be free from cyber tracking should use Tor and/or Tails. Maybe we should not be obedient, should not give up our right to privacy, should not give up our right to be anonymous, and should not submit to life under a surveillance police state. People under the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, and North Korea submitted. Look what happened to them.
– LINKS --
4 Oct 2013, The Guardian "'Tor Stinks' presentation - read the full document":
5 Nov 2013 The Guardian "What is Tor? A beginner's guide to the privacy tool"
Wikipedia, James R. Clapper:
Wikipedia, Silk Road:
Wikipedia, Ross William Ulbricht:
Beginning on Page 24, this Sealed Complaint has a detailed description of each of Ulbricht's personal mistakes and blunders that enabled the United States government to track, identify, and locate Ulbricht due to the fact that he revealed his real identity on a popular web site forum and made other unnecessary and avoidable mistakes and blunders. This court document is on the Columbia University web site.
Sealed Complaint United States Magistrate Judge Southern District of New York United States v. Ross William Ulbricht:
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What Is Bitcoin Mining? Bitcoin Mining Explained Video thebitcoingroup - YouTube Wie komme ich ins Darknet Deepweb 2 Drogen, Hacking - es gibt alles! DarkNet - Silk Road Anonymous Marketplace ☆ DarkNet Markets ☆ Zugang zum Darknet Deep Web Tutorial ☆ DarkNet Markets ☆

Silk Road is one of the most known markets on which you can buy drugs. This iconic marketplace has more than 50k listings of which 33k are drug related. The original Silk Road has been shut down but alternative markets started appearing right after. Silk Road 3.1 accepts Bitcoin, Monero and more… url:text search for "text" in url selftext:text search for "text" in self post contents self:yes (or self:no) include (or exclude) self posts nsfw:yes (or nsfw:no) include (or exclude) results marked as NSFW. e.g. subreddit:aww dog. see the search faq for details. Warning: Silk Road 3&3.1 EXIT SCAM USE: Silk Road 4 (SAFE & Legit) LINK: silkroadxjzvoyxh.onion (online). The Silk Road 3.1 is the most renowned darknet markets.In this article, we will be disclosing the steps in which you will be able to access the Silk Road 3.1. The Silk Road was originally established by Ross William Ulbricht after which the marketplace is termed as the first and the most ... Bitcoin Core is programmed to decide which block chain contains valid transactions. The users of Bitcoin Core only accept transactions for that block chain, making it the Bitcoin block chain that everyone else wants to use. For the latest developments related to Bitcoin Core, be sure to visit the project’s official website. I’ve had trouble getting on the silk road for years; there was so many ways, so many steps, and so many VPNs. Recently I found a simple step by step plan that has made it easy for me to access the silk road without much trouble and get what I want out of it. So anyway, here it goes: STEP ONE: Use laptop or Ipad. Using these two devices are your best bets, they work. Don’t use your Iphone ...

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What Is Bitcoin Mining? Bitcoin Mining Explained Video

View full lesson: With modern technology, a global exchange of ... Silk Road Effect: Silk Road was the largest online black market ever to be created, offering services for drug trade and o... the system of Silk Road exists of these 3 components: 1. TOR ( anonymous browser) 2. Bitcoin (Anonymous method to payment) 3. PGP (Program to encode delivery adress) For more Informations visit my ... the system of Silk Road exists of these 3 components: 1. TOR ( anonymous browser) 2. Bitcoin (Anonymous method to payment) 3. PGP (Program to encode delivery adress) For more Informations visit my ... Vous pouvez me tiper directement en bitcoin à cette adresse: 1FboUA5ZvzTXyUGEugSFct1bixjEsZjGmx Ou sur tipeee en suivant ce lien :